IETE RAIT YEAR 2014-2015

IETE-RAIT was established on 4th September,2014. The inauguration of the committee took place at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication. The ceremony was attended by sixty-five people. Our esteemed Principal, Dr. Ramesh Vasappanavara had been a bastion of support in the establishment and flourishment of IETE-RAIT. He shared his prized opinions and words of advice with the committee members. The first speech of the core committee was quite enlightening and positive which enabled the motto of IETE to spread among all the students of IETE –RAIT. The response received from the students through the membership drive was also quite immense.



As we know Raspberry-Pi gives us wide range of application in EXTC field, we organised our first workshop in the department on 6th September 2014. This workshop was organised for Third year students. 120 students showed their interest towards this interests towards this technology.


IETE-RAIT organized a Conference on Multimeter and Microwave Communication with the help of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication. The students gained all knowledge about antenna, radiation patterns and regulatory compliance, point-to-point transmission, etc. The students as well as the faculties got to interact and share ideas and opinions with the reputed professors of The Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) and renowned industrialists. The event was received as valuable, stimulating and extremely enlightening and encouraged the students to pursue their own research objectives .



Technoid is, the first technical festival conducted by IETE-RAIT in academic year 2014-2015. Lots of technical as well as non-technical events were conducted in this festival. NTPP(National Technical Paper Presentation) was organized in the techfest in which the participant has to select one topic, prepare a report, a presentation and present it to the judges. The festival was an immense success and students gained the opportunity to gain technical knowledge as well as enjoy the fun and frolic.

HERTZ 2015

Hertz techfest was conducted by IETE-RAIT in the academic year 2014-2015. The techfest spanned over three days,i.e. 13th,14th and 15th March,2015. The theme of the techfest was “Mobile Communication”



The inaugural magazine of IETE-RAIT ‘Spectra’ was published in 2015 which included several articles on several trending topics.