Mine Mapping

In many mining accidents, miners accidentally dug out the part connected to the river bed which in turn caused flooding throughout the mine.The cause of these accidents is the lack of accurate maps. And even if there is an accurate map we don't have structural soundness of the mine. Accurate 3D models of these mines could be of great help. As we have accurate models we can even check out for the structural shifts of the mine which could help us to determine whether the structure is intact or not. Knowing the volume of material that has been mined out is of critical interest. Mine mapping propose a robotic system that enters into the mine autonomously and starts collecting the surrounding data while simultaneously localising itself and mapping the environment. Once the mapping is done it will create a final map of mine after 2-3 test runs.

Team Members:
Ajit Mutalik
Vineet Menon

Mentor's Name:
Prof. Sanjivani C. Chakote

"Best Hardware Design" at E-yantra Ideas Competition eYIC-2018
First Prize in Hardware Category at National Level Project Competition "SRIJAN 2018"

3-D printer

The 3D printer uses the principle of additive Manufacturing whereby a three- dimensional structure is created by forming successive layers of materials under computer control. It uses the techniques of fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) which is commercially viable and easy to build. At student level, 3-D printers can be used in robotics projects for making gears, pulleys, wheels, aerodynamics parts. It can also be used visualising 3D objects in engineering drawing or in creating intangible 3D surfaces.


The conventional techniques used today for fire detection and prevention like smoke detectors,water mist system, fire extinguisher have certain limitations like amount of smoke, handling issues, damage to property, risk to life etc.This project uses image processing to detect the fire which is more responsive, accurate and efficient than conventional techniques. This project is an autonomous system which will not only detect fire using image processing and machine learning but is also equipped with a bot to control the fire, removing complete dependencies on humans.

Team Members:
Kishan Kumar
Sajith Kumar
Mahesh Khade
Suraj Dakua

Mentor's Name:
Prof. Gajraj Singh

Short isted for regional finals at E-Yantra Ideas Competition eYIC-2019


ATS-BOTs is a vehicle platform able to transverse across the different terrain. The aim of this project is to make a well configured surveillance system which will provide accessibility to rural areas with video surveillance. It is a system under which we are able to control the robot over WiFi range. ATSBOTs has application in military operations, remote communication, surveillance of urban areas.


Nowadays, more and more machines are being converted to CNC machines due to their high accuracy, high precision, less settling time and greater repeat ability. CNC Miller basically involves a milling machine using computer network Control through which the product is designed on the computer first and subsequently how the machine should cut is specified. This project involves PCB milling which is quite a dynamic feature of the same.

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