Ignite,the annual technical festival of IETE-RAIT was a three day pulsating festival held from 3th Oct - 5th Oct, 2018.Ignite is an amalgamation of intellect, excitement and a new world of fun.The festival with an array of events provided students a platform to exhibit their Innovative ideas and creative designs. With the theme of ‘Haunted house’, the festival comprised a vivid and magnificent blend of technology and creativity. Events like ‘ The ghost diary’ and 'stranger things’ perfectly coincided with the theme. There was technical quiz competition called 'Brainstrom'. ‘Haunted trap’ involved escaping dark room whilst travelling through a maze. The participants also got to exercise their engineering prowess through the game of Junkyard which involved designing, debugging and coding. Non- technical events like fright fest, fifa 19, haunted- Pubg,etc. were also included.