Introduction to MATLAB

MATLAB is the easiest and most productive software environment for engineers and scientists.It is a high performance language for technical computing. IETERAIT has organised an introductory workshop on MATLAB on 27th and 28th of July, 2018. This workshop gave students fluency in MATLAB programming language and helped them understand basic to advanced functionality of MATLAB.Problem-based MATLAB examples have been given in simple and easy way to make your learning fast and effective.

EmCube Simulation Software

Antennas are much more than a simple devices connected to every radio. Antenna design is very situation dependent. In this workshop students where first taught about theoretical concepts of antenna such as radiation pattern, directivity, gain various types of bandwidth, antenna efficiency and so on. Following that students were taught to design different types of antenna such as (Yagi-Uda, monopole, dipole, etc.) and simulate these antenna using EMcube software.

PCB Designing

IETE-RAIT conducted a two days workshop on "PCB designing" for the students of SE EXTC branch on 17th and 18th August, 2018. This workshop was conducted in two parts- software and PCB implementation on copper board. The students where first taught to design a layout of circuit on Eagle software. Then in PCB implementation students had a hands on experience of printing, ironing, etching, drilling and soldering.

Introduction to Python

Python is an interpreted highlevel programming language for general-purpose programming. IETE-RAIT in association with department of electronics and telecommunication organized a two workshop on "Introduction to python" on 8th and 9th September, 2018. It was properly divided divided into theory and hand on practical session. In this workshop students were introduced with Python concepts and were taught to wirte smart programs using Python.

Simulation of Analog Circuits

PSPICE ( Simulation Program for Integrated Circuits emphasis) is a general-purpose analog circuits simulator that is used to verify circuit design and predict the circuit behaviour. IETE-RAIT organised a two day workshop on "simulation of analog circuits" for second year students on 8th and 9th September, 2018. In this workshop participants learnt the various features of PSPICE such as libraries, parts, design structure, etc . The implementation to practical circuits using BJT, differential circuits etc were taught.

And Many More ...